1. This is the code of life for me.


  2. environment recording with my Blue Yeti.


  4. Top 5 ‘Games that under normal circumstances I would’ve never played, and do not regret having done so’

    As it says, this is for games that I had no interest in playing but the opportunity was there. These are the the Top 5 most memorable surprises.

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  5. Technical difficulties

    So last week, before I went on a very peaceful and relaxing camp, my main computer’s boot drive decided to stop doing a good job, thus merely robbing me of the ability to use that computer until I slap windy on another drive and stick it in. Hell, I could use my main storage drive and just put windy on there and not have anything else to do except close the case up.

    The thing is, the boot drive was an SSD so any action from then on would only hamper performence, not storage space by any means.

    There really is nothing else too it, but of course, it has left me open to some options…

    (TL;DR: my SSD and those like it are dying)

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  6. So remember when I made a post about the DAGi stylus, or pad thing on a spring attached to a pen (oh yeah I forgot that thing has an actual pen in it as well!) Well I couldn’t for the life of me, manage to fit the spare end, so, just like my doodling hobby, it got shelved.

    So, long after, somewhere in Hong Kong I treated myself to a Galaxy Note II, because I needed to fill my OS universality quota for android and the Galaxy S was Galactically Shit. It boasted a built in stylus, which is great! the only problem is, while its does have a 5 inch screen… it ain’t A4 sized so it was like trying to rub ink onto a cantina with a ballpoint pen… I guess.

    Enter the face.

    The Surface.

    The Surface Pro, 128 GB version.

    The next essential purchase of tools I’d have no practical use for because its not my field? Think again!

    I picked one up on a recommendation from a long time STO fleetie and nice overseas friend, and from reading Gabe from Penny Arcade’s article about it. It’s the answer to not just…

    • The problem: The airplane isn’t a bad enough dude to charge my MSi GT680 uber jamein’ lappy!
    • The fact that: Sweet King Cheese, this thing is heavy!
    • This Lappy is in fact a piece of fine cheese, (said someone for real)
    • and… my iPad can’t play Total Annihilation… or hi quality HD .mkv movies, even though I kept VLC on here before they took it off the app store.

    Though those are pretty strong arguments that I stood by when I was interested in it… in fact I say those pretty much dominated my reasoning to get one, but I was in for a real bonus when I did get it…

    You see this pen?

    If you read the PA article you’d find that the pen… Is Wacom tech.

    The kind of which can achieve the effect of the pictures above, which were drawn in MSPaint, except for the bottom one which was drawn on Groupboard.

    The thing about that is I find the HTML5 version of Groupboard which is the version compatible with the modern UI version of IE… which all of you will say I shouldn’t use… well, better to use. since that IE pretty much works like any tablet browser, you can pinch and zoom and swipe around with your finger, which is nice for groupboard. using Desktop browsers, you can’t do that (yet??) so I have to rely on the Magnifier, which is what I use when I did use groupboard on my regular Compy, with my plain-o Tablet.

    Umm… why groupboard and MSPaint??

    Well last time I checked support for Photoshop is not so. maybe it is now, I just haven’t bothered to reinstall it yet.

    And what of the highly praised Sketchbook from autodesk? Well the modern UI version seems a bit sluggish to me. Maybe I should try the desktop version like Gabe did.

    As you can tell i’m just beginning to tap into what I can do with this thing. So far all of my demands have been met… except being able to charge it on a plane, that hasn’t been confirmed yet, and i’m not expecting to try any time soon (though it would be nice to go to Japan someday) and the fact that with the type cover it is a brilliant productivity tool, due to the fact that because it’s actual windows I can do what I usually do on a computer but now I truly can do it anywhere. which doesn’t sound like something I could make use of, but this year I’m hoping to change that somewhat, and as i’m aiming to get a wriggle on more often, i’ll at least have something to doddle with whenever I feel like it.

    Why do I insist on continuing to attempt drawing anyway? is it because I want to share it with the world? because I’m certain I came to peace with not wanting attention when I developed my PC enthusiast side. Maybe its because I think I know how to do certain things and wish I had the motivation to prove it? Maybe but then again I can’t do anything more complex than disembodied cartoon faces… hell, even following a guide or watching someone do it, I can still somehow get my dick stuck in a ceiling fan.

    So why do it when I know, realistically, this isn’t how I’m going to make my wage in the future?

    Because, I know for a fact, for the last decade and a half, drawing was a huge part of my life, I was always drawing in class, in my scrapbooks, in my actual work books, and at that time, that’s usually the one thing people knew me for. (that and being a complete spaz… and bringing games to play on the school computers) In no way did I ever get worse as I tried new styles, in fact, while I never managed to improve every other part of the body, I can say for certain, one thing I am proud of, is my facial expressions.

    So the reason I will still draw, is to remind myself that I can… which compared to how I was in 2004, is a personal feat I’ll never forget.

    And now I have the perfect device to draw faces on.

    The Surface.

  7. pulpfanfiction:



    The World’s Quietest Room

    Scientists at Minneapolis’ Orfield Labs created their own soundless room, an anechoic chamber. Their studies have found that when putting subjects within the chamber, they begin to hallucinate within 30 minutes. 

    With an average quiet room having a sound level of 30 decibels, the anechoic chamber’s sound level is -9 decibels. The ceiling, floor, and walls of the chamber absorb sound rather than have it bounce off as normal objects do. The chamber is so quiet that the subjects can even hear their own organs functioning.

    Although extremely interesting, the experience is rather unpleasant. Not one subject has spent more than 45 minutes in the chamber alone. Leaving a person to only their thoughts, the chamber could drive them insane.

    I want to be here. I want to see the deeper parts of my thoughts, and maybe figure some things out.

    the room makes you literally go insane after an extended period of time

    its not serene its fucking horrifying did you even read the post

    I sleep with a pedestal fan running next to my bed, not only to keep me cool, but the sound helps me sleep.

    What happens when the power goes out is when the fan turns off I’m wide awake in an instant. Not fun.

    A long time ago I used to have trouble sleeping, at those times I was worried about what would happen if I didn’t fall asleep that night. So I’ve never thought to stay up all night and into the next morning, it didn’t know what would go on if that were to happen… of course these days that is definitely not a concern. (awake since… 6 pm yesterday so far! as of typing the time is 2:51 pm)

    So I don’t know how we settled on running a fan but it seem to work so well that I’ve been doing it for more than 5 years… and gone through quite a few Fans in the process.

    The point of this story is that I think it relates to these facts.

    Speaking of sleep… good… afternoon

    (via worthyourthoughts)

  8. Ever wanted to feel awfully distressed in a normal everyday environment then I have exactly what you need in spades.

    See for yourself…


    Basically I don’t really like loud noises, and this does a pretty good job conveying how I feel about them. Not exactly exclusive to children making needless noise (as a mod for a Garry’s mod server I think we all know how much kids voices suck ‘GET OUTTA MY BASE PLACE EEEHHH!!!’) This can include a sucky party, a movie theatre, the volume of your piepod turned up too loudly unknowingly, or someone blasting Wish you were here, which I wouldn’t mind so much if it was nice and quiet.

    While it was a bit confronting, it also cleared up a lot of things about myself that I would of found hard to explain, now I can just point at this and say ‘stop blasting Dragonforce because this and put something nicer on… like this!

    That’s the thing about my case, I don’t like loud noises but often times, under my control (and much to Saxon’s displeasure), I’m able to blast noise myself. I think that might adhere to my philosophy that ‘I like all genres of music when in tandem with the theme or mood, even rap and hip-hop’ that’s why when I go out, I always have my music on me, just quiet enough so that I can still focus on my environment, like adding a soundtrack to my area, and if you do talk at me I will yank my earpods out.

    That’s why I wasn’t completely freaking out when I got lost in Hong Kong on new years eve, I had this playing in my head, enriching the experience and environment I was in (also the free hug I got from that asian girl helped too)

    This is all very enlightening for me but… I’m just saying that I don’t like loud noises. I mean I’m fine with finding my way back in the crowded streets of Hong Kong, but no appropriate noise level? no way!

    Just make sure you know what to jam to.

    Ok, srs blog is over, go home.

    (Source: youtube.com)


  9. Things I’d like to try if I’d ever go to Japan.

    Often times on Tumblr I’ve posted interesting factoids about Japan accompanied by the notion that ‘It would be nice to visit the place some day’. So should I ever make the effort to venture there, here’s what i’d do…

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  10. brokengundam:

    The next day…

    This is just content filler. Just a reminder that sometimes I take pictures of my Gunpla in situations most wonderful and weird.

    And also a reminder to myself that I should take more pictures of my Gunpla.